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Private investments with personal approach

We appreciate our client’s property on a long-term and systematic basis and secure its smooth transition to future generations. We tailor unique investment solutions by investments in traditional and alternative asset classes, as well as in exclusive investment projects which are unique at the market.

  • expert personal investment advisory
  • exclusive investment opportunities with above-standard returns
  • unrivaled access to global capital markets
  • access to investment opportunities that are not available to regular investors
  • tax-optimized investment solutions
Our private clients become part of the exclusive Across Club which offers many benefits and discounts on high-end brands. Access to the Across Connect digital platform allows them to find all of the important information about their investments 24/7.
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400 millions EUR
assets under management
private clients
10,37 %
average annual performance of managed portfolios in 3 years ( as of 31 March, 2023 )
Online investments – easily and on your own

Across enables individual investors to evaluate their savings easily, efficiently and in an innovative way. They can invest directly in  unique development, technology, retail or healthcare projects with the possibility of getting attractive financial returns. The whole process takes place online, is transparent and does not require an in-person meeting.

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Across Digital

Across Digital is an ideal choice for beginning investors. It gives you the opportunity to start with a lower initial amount and experience the financial markets in an online environment. To guide the users, we provide the client with investment advisory directly in the application and – based on a set of answered questions, the system designs the investment portfolio according to the client’s individual needs.

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Across Crowd

Across Crowd is an online platform that enables direct investment in unique projects with attractive returns. It was created with the aim of bringing the private equity world closer to regular investors and, at the same time, enabling promising companies to raise capital in a modern form – through crowdfunding. All offered projects go through our due diligence process.

The whole process – from opening an account to investing in particular project – takes place online, directly on the platform. It is transparent with no need for an in-person meeting. Across Crowd, as the only crowdfunding platform at the regional market, allows users to make investments through the payment gateway, ensuring the highest level of comfort and security.

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Retirement schemes for your employees

For employers, we offer employee benefits in the form of retention and pension savings products to which both – the employee and the employer – can contribute. Our flagship product “Retirement Savings+” creates an employee’s financial reserve which is intended not only to cover the loss of retirement income but be a reserve in case of job loss. Drawing on these retirement funds is not conditioned by reaching retirement age.

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96 %

higher returns
than other available supplementary pension funds

25 %

lower carrying costs
for retirement account management

  • tax-exempt income
  • pension payments with no state restrictions
  • tax deductible employer savings contributions